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Thank You Dave!!

I bought a second car through Dave and I cannot thank him enough. He will understand your needs, preferences and limitations and will come up with the right car for you...very quickly and very easily. Dave is very professional and helpful. Highly recommended.

M. Sanchez-Decatur, Ga. 03-30-2024


10 Out Of 10 Experience!!

I had a fantastic and smooth car-buying experience thanks to Dave and Southern Auto Soluitons. So much so that I have already recommended Dave and his services to multiple friends! I first had a phone call with Dave to talk about the features that I wanted in a car and price range. Then he took care of the rest. He found vehiles matching my wants, scheduled the test drive for me, and already had the vehicles and keys ready to go when I got to the dealership. Then, he handled the payment, delivered the new car and took my old trade-in car away separately. Honestly, 10 out of 10 experience and so easy for me as a consumer. I hope I can work with Dave in the future.

R Webster-Alpharetta, Ga. 02-07-2024

We Can't Recommend Dave's Services Enough!

We can't recommend Dave's services enough! Dave has helped us find three cars over the last 10 years to meet our growing family's needs. He always finds us great cars in excellent condition, at just the price we need. He is knowledgeable and an excellent guide through the car buying process. Forget the headaches, hassles and hidden costs of haggling with dealerships. Do yourself a favor and just call Dave!!

T Jackson-Decatur, Ga. 12-21-2023



Dreading The Car Buying Process

I was introduced to Dave through a family member who used his service to purchase a car. I dread the car buying process. It is confusing and time consuming, and as a female, the last thing I want to do is spend 8 hours in a dealership haggling with car salesman. Dave is a game changer!! He was SO thorough and answered every little question I had. He pointed me in the right direction to secure an auto loan at a great interest rate. He took the time to go personally and look at every car I was interested in and then updated me on his findings. Once I decided on a car, he drove it to me to test drive and THEN, he took the car to a Goodyear Service Center for a 50 PT. inspection. Once the inspection was done and the car passed, I then closed my loan and the deal on the car.  The next day, he delivered the car to me. The process was absolutely seamless! I never had to step one foot in an auto dealership which, for me, was a dream come true. Dave is knowledgeable, honest, and so very helpful. He is a master at his craft and I will recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a car, I will definately be using him for all my car purchases in the future. Thank you Dave!!!

M Holtzclaw-Alpharetta, Ga. 10-17-23


Professional and Quick to Respond

This service was extremely helpful to me while purchasing a new car this year. Dave is professional and always quick to respond. I couldn’t be more satisfied with my new jeep that Dave helped me find.

M Carey- Atlanta, Ga. 07-30-2023

Skeptical of Brokers

It was a pleasure working with Dave. I had a situation where I wanted to buy a quality, reliable, used car for my son. Dave was terrific in terms of guiding me through options and finding a car that fit our situation. I'm naturally pretty skeptical of broker's etc. and worried about hidden fees, but I have to say that Dave charged me exactly what he said at the outset and provided great value for the service he provided. He took the hassle out of searching for a new car and I'm grateful.

D Rein-Atlanta, Ga. 8-01-23

The Best Car Buying Experience!

This was the best car buying experience I have ever had in my life! Dave was incredibly kind, patient and professional throughout the entire experience. I was looking for a used Mini Cooper Countryman that was 5 years old initially. But instead, he was able to help find a 2023 Subaru Crosstrek that was new with a full warranty for the same price! Dave was exceedingly helpul and easy to work with. I have already referred several of my friends and neighbors to him. I HIGHLY recommend Dave and Southern Auto Solutions. 

Olivia Brantley- Decatur, Ga. 3-24-2023

Clear and Concise!

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Dave Dyer and Southern Auto Solutions in my search for a new car. My car was totaled and I had a few bad experiences going to dealerships on my own. From our first conversation, I could tell that Dave was the answer to my car woes. He was so clear and concise when describing the services he offers. He continued to be that way while navigating the challenging process of finding a car in this market. In addition, Dave is such a positive person which is so helpful during a stressful time. He found for me the car of my dreams that was in my price range. I highly recommend him and Southern Auto Solutions for anyone looking for a quality vehicle!

Mo Gletsu- Decatur, Ga. 3-22-2023

Your Company Did All The Work!!

Hey Dave. Thank you for my car buying experience it was great. There was no time waiting and your company did all the leg work. All I had to do was sit back and wait. Dave found exactly what I wanted and I would definately use his service again.

Rodney White- Covington, Ga. 11-25-2022

Really Great to Have You as My Advocate!

Hey David. I just wanted to thank you for all the good work you did with me in helping me get a new Chrysler Pacifica car. It was really great to have you as my advocate as we waited, through the backlog of car production, for the one we ordered. This was a long process and it really helped to know that you were keeping me informed along the way. Your advice about trade in was great and made the entire process go really smoothly. My wife, Barbara, is likely to be looking for a new car in the next year or two and when she is ready, you will be our first call. Thanks so much.

Art English- Alpharetta, Ga.  10-14-2022

You Know How No One Contacts You After The Sale??

I AM! I love my Subaru Outback!!! Dave is a true professional. He helped me find a car that I was not originally looking for and I love it! I'm a 30 year Honda fan and now I'm a Subaru fan. I have already texted Jon (Dave's rep at Stivers Subaru) to let him know I'm planning on getting a Crosstrek in 2 years.

Bill Casey- Alpharetta, Ga. 09-17-2022


I Was Overwhelmed!

In early July I found myself unexpectedly in need of a replacement car. Since I have a very hectic work schedule in healthcare, I was overwhelmed with just the thought of purchasing a vehicle, and uncertain about where to even start. I was not looking forward to what I expected to be a long and expensive process. But what a blessing it was to have an advocate like Dave on my side! He is so incredibly knowledgeable and navigating this process was a breeze with his help. He is realistic, honest, reliable, and made sure to communicate with my mom and me every step of the way. In a WEEK, he found me a beautiful car that is exactly what I was hoping for. He set up everything including the test drive, the vehicle inspection, the tag and titling, closing, and even delivery of the car to me. Within two weeks I was riding in style in my new SUV! The cherry on top is that Dave has connections with reliable repair shops, custom interior vendors and expert detailers and his suggestions are trustworthy with reasonable costs. He even made an appointment on my behalf for some interior work (new leather interior). Incredible!! You seriously cannot ask for anyone better than Dave. Do yourself a favor and call him now! I promise, you will be glad you did.

Amanda Lewis - Decatur, Ga. 07-28-2022


"Dave Was a Lifesaver!!"

Dave was fast, communicated well and saved me so much stress and time in my car search. It was truly a pleasure doing business with him. He took care of all the car buying hassles, even driving the new car to me to test drive! I HIGHLY recommend using his services. I will not go back to the old way of buying a car now that I have worked with him.

Carrie Whitworth-Decatur, Ga. 7-22-2022

What an Excellent Service!!

Dave helped us navigate this crazy market and put us in the perfect vehicle! 

Dave went above and beyond in helping us find the perfect car in this volatile market. We're relatively new to Atlanta and didn't already have a car, which meant that going to dealerships and planning around our work schedules was going to be difficult. We found Dave's service on our credit union's website and couldn't be happier with the help he gave us in our search process.


*Saved us having to travel to multiple dealerships to see what was actually on the lot (lots of dearship's websites advertise vehicles that are currently in transit or are already sold).

*Helped us create a list of options and gave input on different choices that met the qualities we were looing for in a car.

*His cursory inspection of the vehicle at the dealership saved us time and the headache of having to inspect or potentially buy a car that that had an issue with it. This meant that once he brought something to us to test drive, we knew we were good to buy it immediately afterwards.

*Saved us money on dealership fees and add-ons/upsells.

*Completely possible to buy a car while working from home.

WHAT THE PROCESS WAS ACTUALLY LIKE?: We told him what we were looking for and he was able to write up a list of potential options on vehicles currently at local dealerships, which was very helpful given how fast inventory is moving in the market. After narrowing down a couple options, he went to the dealerships for us and inspected the cars, saving us time and money. After less than a week of him calling dealerships, he brought us a great choice that we drove and ended up buying.

Definately go with Dave if your looking to buy a car. Even if I was a lot more knowledgeable about cars than I currently am, I would still go with Dave's service. We will be happily recommending him to any of our friends who need to buy a car in the future.

Will Fotter and Emma Berlage- Atlanta, Ga.-3-14-2022


For A Woman, You Made It Less Stressful!

Dave, I know it's your job to help people find a good and reliable car, but you go above and beyond to make sure the car is a good vehicle. You keep in touch with the person throughout the process and when you find the right car, you will drive the car from a long distance to let the person see it and also test drive the car. For a woman, you made it less stressful for me. You are very knowledgeable in your job. You wait to explain and answer all questions, give advice and make sure that your clients understand the Bill of Sale before they sign it. Thank you, thank you! I learned a lot from you buying my car for me. Thanks again!

Bessie Reeves-Lawrrenceville, Ga. 1-19-2022

Exceptional Experience!

This was my first time using a car buying service, and it was an exceptional experience. My needs were quickly understood, and the perfect car was found less than 24 hours after my first conversation with Dave. I am in New England, the car I wanted was in Atlanta, and I needed it shipped to Houston, Tx. Communication was straitforward, transparent, and honest. The pricing was very reasonable. Dave went above and beyond to make sure the process was clear and smooth. Highly recommend!

Anita - New England. 11-2-2021

Car Buying Heaven- Truly!

I do not know how I could possibly describe the value, importance and unbelievable impact Dave and his team made. I will never, ever purchase a new vehicle without SAS. I know many of us dread the experience of getting into a new car. But, I have to share, I ENJOYED the experience. ENJOYED!!! Dave listens, advises and acts with grace and thoughtfulness to your needs. It's like having a personal shopper getting you the things you never thought imagnineable. It's kind of unreal that a company takes on this kind of work. There is never any need to waste time at a dealership, combing through pitches and silly "incentives". This is the only way to go. Thank you Dave! You are a gem. 

George Staib-Decatur, Ga. 09-14-2021 

Foreign Scholar

As a foreign scholar, the US car dealership and financing system can seem overwhelming and intimidating. So, I was relieved to find Dave and SAS through Emory Alliance Credit Union. Dave found me a Nissan Rouge back in 2017 and everything about that experience was easy and quick. I loved my car for 4 good years, until some issues with Nissan arose. I called Dave out of the blue and he was kind enough to help me navigate a complaint to Nissan of North Aamerica and then offered me a generous trade in value on the car. Not only that, Dave found me a wonderful Toyota Camry with only 13,000 miles and then worked overtime to make sure I had the car within 48 hours. I can't speak highly enough of Dave's professionalism, kindness and honesty. I felt safe and personally taken car of. I would not buy a car any other way in the future! Thanks so much for everything Dave!!

Kylie M. Smith-Decatur, Ga.- 09-06-2021 

Rave Review!

I am so excited about my experience with EACU and more especially you David Dyer. From beginning to the end this was hands down the easiest transaction other than buying candy over the counter by far. Selecting the vehicle, inspection, timely and honest evaluation of the vehicle, getting documents retained and servicing. The whole nine yards was warp speed. I can't thank you enough for your diligence and efficiency. You went above and beyond in procuring my truck for me. There is no doubt that this is what you do and it shows and it should be recognized. Outstanding job Dave. I've already passed your name and number on to a couple of coworkers. Thanks my friend.

Micheal Gaither-Decatur, Ga.  8-30-2021  

Car Buying Experience Was Amazing!!

I decided to purchase another vehicle after driving a 2013 Honda Civic for six years. I wanted a larger vehicle that would provide the versatility I needed of both cargo room and good gas mileage. Thanks to the recommendation from my credit union, Dave Dyer from Southern Auto Solutions made my car buying experience amazing. Dave was the best. His knowledge, customer service, car sales experience and more importantly his patience, made this process a breeze. After careful consideration, I am a proud owner of a 2017 Honda CRV EX-L. This vehicle is perfect for me and came fully loaded. It's roomy, a beautiful color and most importantly, Dave was able to ensure that I got the best price possible for this vehicle. Thank you Dave for all that you have done for me. I am completely satisfied with my beautiful Honda CRV. I would definately recommend Dave and Southern Auto Solutions to anyone looking to purchase a new or used vehicle.

Pamela Williams-Stockbridge, Ga.  1-27-2021 

Professional, Knowledgeable and Consistent!

These words best describe my experience working with Dave Dyer. Having limited time to do the search myself, his assistance was a huge sigh of relief. Buying another car after having one totaled was a bit overwhelming for me. I really wasn't sure if I even wanted to drive again, but Dave helped to ease my fears with the process. Now, my 2017 V.W. Passat is amazing! And did I mention?? He even made himself available after my test drive to answer any questions. Now that's customer service! Thank you sir for your guidance. It is truly appreciated.

M. Fletcher - Smyrna, Ga. 11-11-2020

Easy and Seamless

I decided to purchase a new car after 13 yrs and almost 250,000 miles on my Honda CRV. I used the car buying service through Emory Alliance credit union before, so it was a no brainer for me to use it again. Very easy and seamless and no need to deal with pushy salespeople. The loan officer at Emory ACU referred me to Dave and SAS, and within a week, I found a 2020 Mazda CX-5! Dave arranged the test drive at the dealership and had the car delivered to the credit union for me. I would highly recommend Dave for a hasslefree car purchase experience.

Faith Sheff - Lawrenceville, Ga. 10-7-20  

Dave Walked Me Through the Whole Process

When I needed to replace my old car, David Dyer with Southern Auto Solutions was recommended to me by my credit union. All I had to do was provide to him what models and colors I liked and was considering. Dave found an SUV that I liked and I was back riding in my new vehicle in about a weeks time. David is a wonderful person. He walked me through the whole process and made sure that all of my questions were answered, as well as making sure that I was completely satisfied with my new purchase. I would recommend Dave and Southern Auto Solutions to anyone that is looking for a new vehicle.

Tina Eliott - College Park, Ga. 7-20-20

A Way to Say, Thank You!!

Hello Dave,

When I contacted you after having a really unpleasant experience at a traditional car dealership, I must admit I was skeptical. But within the first few minutes of our first conversation, any doubt about you or your process went right away! You are one of the very best in your business and I really cannot thank you enough for your professionalism and kindness throughout my entire buying process. The time you took to explain everything to me was invaluable and the fact that you knew my loan officer at the CDC Federal Credit Union was awesome. My daughter can't wait to get a car because she knows Mr. Dave will be there for us! 

C. Jackson - Norcross, Ga. 06-25-20.


Just Wanted to Say THANKS!!

Hi Dave,

Just wanted to say THANKS for your assistance in helping with the purchase of my 2017 Acura RDX. I had spent a lot of time trying to locate a vehicle on my own without much luck, partly due to COVID-19. I am also thankful to Emory Alliance CU for the referral to you and for the loan they processed for me. I will refer friends and family to your services.

Joyce Comer - Grayson, GA. 05-17-20


Excellent Service!! Great Vehicle!!

Dave's customer service is excellent! We needed a new car right away and Dave gave us some great options to choose from. He listened to our needs as a family of 4 and provided options that were great fits for us, not just anything. He was not pushy and allowed us to make the decision that was comfortable for our family. We chose a Chevy Equinox, which is a perfect fit for our family to enjoy traveling locally as well as out of town. The Carfax report helped prove to us that this vehicle will be a great and reliable vehicle for our family. If you want a great vehicle within your budget and a vehicle that fits your lifestyle, call Dave!!

Thank you so much Dave for all your help in getting us into the right vehicle for our family. 

The Johnson Family -  Decatur, Ga.. 

Dave Gets an AAA+++ Rating from Pierce Family!

On Wednesday, I woke up to my daughter telling me her car was not running right. We learned that her transmission was gone and that the cost to get a new one was more than the car was worth. This forced me to make the decision to get her a new car. After a frustrating internet search, I decided to contact the CDC Federal Credit Union. That was the best move I ever made!! Wendy was great in helping me secure financing. but the best thing she did was refer me to David and Southern Auto Solutions! From the initial phone conversation, I felt we were in good hands. David was professional and detailed thougout the the entire process with me. To my pleasure, it did not take long for my daughter to find the car she wanted on Southern Auto Solution's website. We called Dave immediately and the ball started rolling quickly. On Thursday, David had the car in my driveway and my daughter test drove it and fell in love. On Friday, April 24th, David delivered her car and all is well. 

If you are thinking about purchasing a car, I highly suggest you work with David. I have never purchased a car so easily! I'm use to sitting in a car dealership for hours and being flooded with salesman trying to up sell me. With David, that was not the case. 

David, thank you for treating me and my family so well. I has truly been a pleasure meeting and working with you..

You get an AAAAAAA++++ rating from the Pierce family!!!!

R. Pierce - Grayson, Ga. 4-24-2020

Consummate Professional!

David Dyer is a consummate professional, exceedingly knowledgeable, and both patient and very kind. I haven't bought a new car for many years (my last being a 2001 Ford Escape), and was quite overwhelmed by the whole process. But with Dave by my side, the process was remarkably stress free; and by the end of the week I owned a new 2019 Honda HR-V that I absolutely love. Dave is a real gem and I recommend him to anyone with absolutely no hesitation. 

Tara D-3-9-2020

My First Car was a 2010 Nissan Maxima!

I've had the pleasure of purchasing two automobiles through S.A.S., working with Mr. Dave Dyer. My first car was a 2010 Nissan Maxima. As used cars go, it was in great shape. Mr. Dyer made my transition super simple. I did have a trade in and within 24 hrs later I was in my new Maxima. 

My next purchase took a little more work on Mr. Dyer's part due to a balance remaining on the vehicle. But the true professional that he is, Mr. Dyer, along with my loan officer, put me in a mint condition 2015 Kia Optima. 

Thanks Mr. Dyer for making my automobile purchases worry free.

Derek Hall-10-29-2019 

Shopping With Dave Was So Easy!!

Shopping with Dave was so easy! I was indecisive about what car I wanted when I first contacted him. So I let him know the features I wanted and he made suggestions and helped me find the perfect car. I told him I wanted my car by Christmas at the latest. He said, "We're going to have you in car by Thanksgiving", and I received my car the day before Thanksgiving! This was my first time purchasing a car so you can imagine the anxiety I had. But he made things go really smooth. I barely had to lift a finger. I have no problem referring Dave to others that are shopping for a car. Thanks again Dave!!

Jadae Taylor-11-27-2019   

Awesome Dave!

Where do I begin. First, let me thank Emory Alliance CU for offering such an awesome program that would allow people to rebuild there credit. It's not often that you work with an auto dealer that is honest and upfront with you about the car buying process. Dave not only answered my questions, but he also gave me some much needed advice. I was more focused on the look of the car I wanted and not the reliability and affordability that I needed. He could have sold me whatever vehicle I wanted. To have a dealer HONESTLY looking out for your best interest is unheard of today. A dealer who's not just about making money but keeping business. Building long term relationships with his customers. I now know where I will be sending my family and friends. 

Continue to be the man that you are Dave. You truly are a blessing to car buyers.

Thanks again,

Yolanda Jones-11-16-2019


Best Service Above and Beyond I've Ever Received!

Dave, your assistance with the 2016 Toyota Sienna van was above and beyond service I have ever received, from car searching to financing.

I appreciate the Emory ACU also going above and beyond expectations from any institution I have been associated with in a long time. I hope the Emory community is aware of the commendable resources afforded them by Emory ACU. I can't say enough regarding the wonderful experience I had with replacing a vehicle for me and my family. Please share this with anyone you choose.

Thank you again for your professional attention to detail in assisting me.

A. Teresa Hamrick 9-12-19

Where Do I Begin...

I was sold a used car by another dealership that had been deemed a lemon in another state. I was not expecting to have to purchase another car so quickly because I had just bought this vehicle 10 month prior to my recent purchase with Dave. When I found out I was approved for financing, Dave immediately contactd me. He didn't try to sell me whatever car he could just to make a sale. He actualy asked me what I was interested in and inquired about my background story. Dave fought hard to make sure I was able to get in the car of my dreams and stay within my budget. I purchased a Certified Pre-Owned 2017 Hyundai Elantra from Dave and now I'm living the dream. Not only does my warranty last for the length of my auto loan but the car was way under the average mileage for the year. It has given me absolutely no problems and I couldn't be happier. Dave you are a God send. I had many reservations about having to purchase another vehicle because of my previous issue, but Dave restored my faith in auto buying. I couldn't ask for a smoother transaction. Thank you Southern Auto Solutions & Dave for making my dream come true! My new car's name is Sapphyre!! 

Anaramis Morales  6-1-2019.

Dave Found My DREAM CAR!

Hi Dave,

You have no idea how happy I am with the new ride!!.

Dave did not find for me what I wanted. He found what I thought I could not afford - A DREAM CAR!!

I am one of those people that when reading testimonials, I'm like, "WHATEVER"; and this is probably the first testimonial that I have ever written, and that's saying a lot, because I'm a consumer by nature.

I work for Emory Healthcare, so I decided to have a new car financed by Emory Alliance CU. Attached to their auto finance information, was Dave's information as well (on Emory ACU's website no less). I came into this process with the notion of what kind of vehicle I wanted. I thought I was assisting Dave by providing various options for him to check for me. More often than not, because of Dave's tenaciousness and with his background of researching each car's history and/or other vehicle buying concerns, I elected to move on. Thank God I chose to listen to Dave. One day, Dave sent me an email that presented a totally, "not what I was looking for", option and I was completely and irrevocably blown away. 

Here was a car that I have seen on the road and thought- "beautiful, but I can't afford that". Dave and his staff found my dream car and at that moment I felt like he knew me. And folks let me say this! This whole process took about a week and a half, LOL! In working with my "champagne taste and beer bottle pockets", Dave managed an unbelievable deal that did not put me in a luxury vehicle with no way to pay for the gas. HaHa.

Folks listen to me, if you want the car of your choice and a great deal, contact Dave. His patience, tenacity and most sincere approach will help you get a great deal and a beautiful car  You will NOT be disappointed. 

Ronnie Akil Young - Emory Healthcare - 10-23-18.



I Named it, Dave Found it!

For me, the process of trying to buy a used car on my own was daunting. A friend told me about Dave and SAS. I am so glad I used Dave's services. I knew I wanted a Toyota RAV4 and I knew what I wanted to spend. The first car Dave found was the one for me and the price was very competitive. Dave and the credit union did all the paperwork. The whole process was quick and seamless. I highly recommend Dave. 

Susan Browne- Decatur, Ga.  5-7-18.


You Want it? Dave’s Got it!

It was a wonderful experience having Dave assist me with my car buying process. Before finding out about Dave, I would go to various dealerships and all they would try to do is make me buy a car I didnt want. They gave me a hard time and I kept walking out empty handed. But with Dave, the process was super smooth! I told him I wanted a Honda Accord Sport and he made it happen! No ifs, ands, or buts. He took my budget into complete consideration and now I have a super nice, super clean car. Thank you Dave for all your hard work.


We had purchased a car selected by Dave during an annual car event. The car has been very reliable, so we thought we would call Dave for our next purchase. Dave found us the perfect car, just days after we provided descriptions of the possible choices we wanted! The process was very smooth and seamless. We were provided with a couple of options, chose one to test drive, test drove it, and it was PERFECT! We could not have made a better choice, and if we had found it, it would have taken many days of looking! Dave heard what we wanted and literally delivered it to us. We are very satisfied and pleased with Dave's auto locator services and will without a doubt call on him again for our next car purchase. Thanks Dave for doing such a great job finding the perfect car for us.       

 J.J. Long- Decatur, Ga. 3-10-18.

Outstanding Experience!!

Recently worked with Dave through our relationship with Emory's credit union. As both of us work, we needed a concierge/agent who could make the auto-buying process easy for us and Dave was the perfect person. He sent us several possible choices in our price range and style and we quickly fell in love with the Mazda CX-5. Dave brought the vehicle to us, waited while we test drove it and had it inspected by our auto shop and then was masterful with all of the paperwork. He even had the vehicle detailed, had the oil changed for us, and even replaced a tire that was found to be defective. We cannot express enough the highest level of satisfaction with Dave and his service. I hope to utilize his skills again, soon. Thanks Dave, for making this stressful period in our lives so much better.                         

Wade and Julie Moricle- Avondale Estates, GA. 3-10-18.


Time, Attention & Detail--All Great!!

Dave Dyer at Southern Auto Solutions is top notch. He helped me find the right car for me. I purchased a 2011 Chevy Malibu with his help and it's been a really great car. Dave listened to me and was honest with me about what he was and was not able to do. He did a wonderful job managing my expectations. He eased the car-buying process for me. He was always uber professional, responsive, and accessible. He's even helped me with a few things since I bought the car (he's all about safety!) The criteria he uses to find cars is great, and because he's so strict about the types of cars he looks for, I knew he wouldn't bring me a lemon. All of the options he provided me were clean, high-quality, and affordable cars. I would not hesitate to purchase from him again. He does a great job. Keep up the good work, Dave. Best!

Kelli P. - Decatur. Ga. 2-15-2018


I called Dave on January 3rd, 2018 telling him I needed a Toyota Avalon. Based on my cash flow he advise me to go with a Toyota Camry. He reassured me that he will be able to get me into a "CLEAN" car. In less than five minutes Dave called me saying I found the car just for you. On January 5th, 2018 I got my car. WOW. It is a Toyota Camry SE 2016. When he said CLEAN it is CLEAN. Mileage, care and maintenance of the car is superb. At first I was disappointed that I did not get an Avalon but as Dave said, "It's a nice car, it's a clean car." Trust me it is I feel like a millionaire in his car. Again thanks Dave and God bless you. Thumbs up to you Dave. I encourage anyone who needs a car check out Southern Auto Solutions, Dave Dyer first before you go anywhere else you will not be disappointed.

Berneta F.- Decatur, Ga. 1-5-2018

Personal Service

Dave took care of us with great personal service. As we picked up the 2006 Highlander, it was cleaned from top to bottom and smelled fresh. It was like buying a car from a personal friend or family member.

Gabriel Theriot - Atlanta, Ga. 1-13-2017.


Hi Dave, Just wanted to shout out to you and tell you how much I am humbled and grateful for your time and patience. Thanks for making sure that the car you found for me fit my personality. I am grateful that I don't have to walk up the hill to get to my home anymore and that I don't have to take taxis any longer. Because of you and Emory Alliance CU my life is so much easier now. THANK YOU!!

Anita Cunningham - College Park, Ga. 3-23-2017.

Helpful and Professional

My parents recommended I use Dave after he helped them find a car for my younger sister. Despite my fairly picky nature and very specific wishlist, Dave ended up finding the perfect car for me. I was beginning to lose hope that I could find something I would be happy with in my budget. But he seriously hit it out of the park! He was professional but very easy going. Thanks Dave! You'll definitely be my first stop next time I'm looking for a new car!

Dependable and Honest Car Locator Service!

When I first contacted Dave through Emory, I was worried I wouldn't find the car I wanted. I sent him my list of wants and he found the perfect car at an amazing deal! It has everything, leather/heated seats, only 35k miles, sunroof and is the hybrid I've wanted for years. Now I'm getting 50 mpg, especially good during gas crisis and to help cut emmissions. I couldn't be happier with my car and the way it drives, plus the deal I got! Thank you Dave and Emory ACU!!!

Kristin G. - Smyrna, Ga. 7-06-16

Thanks Dave!!

Dave,  Just wanted to say thanks for helping me purchase my 2005 Nissan Altima.You Rock!!.

 Tammie Lowe - Atlanta, Ga. 7-7-2016

Hassle Free!

If you want a hassle-free car buying experience without the pushy salesmen, then Dave is your guy!

Mark - Tucker, GA. March 2nd, 2015

Honest and Dependable!

For professional, courteous, over-the top service that is vested in assuring your absolute satisfaction, there is only one name and one place to go: Dave Dyer is simply the most remarkable, honest, and dependable person one could find in the world of automobile sales! He went to great lengths to secure exactly what we were looking for, at the price we wanted. His personal approach to service is without equal.

David S. Pacini - Atlanta, Georgia. March 1st, 2015

Wonderful Service!

Dave, Just a note to thank you for the wonderful service and care you provided in my purchase of a new Honda CRV-EX. The vehicle was just what I wanted with the exact trim that I requested. The price was right and well within my budget. The process was smooth, seamless and most importantly, painless. Not only would I use your services again in the purchase of another car, but I would enthusiastically recommend you to friends who are thinking about purchasing a car. Again, thank you for your professionalism and expertise.

Cynthia A. Shaw - Office of the Dean of the Chapel - Emory University, Atlanta, Ga. 10-01-13

Kind and Courteous!

Dave, just a note to thank you for making me so happy! I am thoroughly enjoying my Toyota Camry. You were always so kind, courteous and ready to answer all my questions..I know I had a bit too many! Your customer service is beyond excellent and as soon as my son is ready to purchase his car he is coming straight to you. Thank you again.

Sheila Devlia - Snellville, Ga. Jan. 21, 2015

Dreaded the Process!

Just want to add my comments with a glowing recommendation for Dave. I very reluctantly and unexpectedly came to need another car. Dreading the process and research, I turned to Dave. He didn't let me down. Using my parameters, he found me a car that I purchased and have subsequently been really enjoying. And the price was very good. Like so many of the other testimonials, I join the chorus that Dave made the process easy, painless, and gave me superior customer service. What could have been a stressful experience was instead a very satisfying one. I have already recommended Dave to a couple of people! Thanks, Dave!

Carol Moser - Atlanta, GA - 03-07-2015

No Pressure!

I have used Dave's car buying service twice. I emphasize "car buying service" because Dave doesn't try to pressure you into buying a car on his lot but he helps you to find the car that you want. If he does not have the vehicle that you desire in his inventory, he works just as hard to locate the ideal vehicle for you. I would not hesitate to use Dave's services a third time.

Lance Skelton - Atlanta, GA - 03-31-2015

Mother of Two!

I am a single mother of two, and I was sent to Dave to find transportation because my job depended on it. Within 2 days, even though I gave him plenty of grief, Dave found me a car! Not only did Dave find me a car, but he found me a great car! You tell me where you can find a 2012 Nissan with 27,000k miles on it....I'll tell you... SAS.... thats where!!! Thank you so much Dave for going above and beyond, even down to making sure I had transportation until my vehicle was ready and bringing it to my place of employment. I never wanted to get into another car note situtation, but thanks to Dave and SAS, it was stress free and easy. Thanks DAVE, we love ya!

Shanae Womack - Lithonia, Ga. - 07-18-2015


The Best!

Dave Dyer of Southern Auto Solutions is the BEST at finding a vehicle that will meet your price and style. I have purchased three cars from Southern Auto Solutions and would attest that the vehicles are like new and are in tip top shape. Stop by the Emory Alliance Credit Union branch on Clairmont Road to meet Dave Dyer and you will find out why he is called the "GURU" of car sales. Call Dave to find a solution for your transportation needs!

 Karen Wallace - Emory Autism Center - Lithonia, GA. 01-04-2016

Speaks High Volumes!!

Dave, YOU ARE THE MAN! The service you provided, the prompt responses, and your professionalism, speaks high volumes. I am thoroughly enjoying my cute red car! I can't thank you enough for all that you have done to get me rolling. There isn't enough thanks in the world to show my appreciation. What an awesome experience.

Tiffany Holloway - Conyers, Ga 4-18-2016

Very Professional!

Dave, thank you so much for going above and beyond finding the right car for me. Very professional! I will definitely be using your services again in the near future. 

Latoya Dubose - Jonesboro, GA - 11-24-2015

He Educated Us!!

This is our second time working with Dave. The first time, we really appreciated the way he educated us about the importance of getting a car that fits our needs and protecting our investment. He helped us to understand that the best way to do that would be with a quality vehicle service contract and gap insurance. we accepted his suggestions and we got a great car with no problems. Two years later, we are in a car accident and our car was totaled. We explained our situation to Dave and he immediately went to work to get us a new car that we really wanted and would fit our needs. In less than one week, he got us not one, but two cars for us to pick from. This was a surprise to us because we were only expecting to see one car. His choices were EXCELLENT! I remember my husband pulling into the parking lot and yelling, "Dave did it!" He was literally like a child in a candy store. We knew he would take good car of us and he showed a personal interest in choosing the best cars. This is the main reason why we returned to him a second time. If your are looking for top-notch service, please call Dave! You will not be disappointed. 

Sandy and Darien Middleton, Emory University - Atlanta, GA. 11-30-2015

The Right Fit for Us!!

Hi Dave! Me and my wife just wanted to let you know that we are so very appreciative of your time, effort, and amazing customer service. We love our new car!! Thank you for finding the right fit for us and we look forward to doing business with you in the future. Once again, thank you so very much! 

Clyde Page - Snellville, Ga. 8-15-2015

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